About TnT Collectibles

TnT Stands for Tribolet 'n Tribolet.  My name is John and my daughter Jazzy and I have been collecting and treasure hunting for years!  We scour the internet, as well as everywhere we go... auctions, yard sales and estate sales, to look for the coolest, rarest and most unique collectibles we can find!  And if we can't authenticate something, or verify it's original, we don't list it... period.

Jazzy started when she was younger with Pez, Hot Wheels and Angel Bears, and in a few short years, she has graduated to sports cards and memorabilia, coins, autographs, etc.... she has a very impressive collection already!

I've been collecting since the mid-60's, but I had to start from scratch after losing everything I owned in the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Firestorm, including a massive poster collection that included rare Fillmore posters.  I had another setback when I had to sell most of what I collected between 1992 and 2000 when I became a single parent.  

So in 2011, as our inventory began busting at the seams, we decided to share some of our treasures with others, as well as fill the gap in my income due to health issues and the economy (at fair prices, of course).

We hope that you enjoy our site and find those special treasures!  Feel free to ask us any questions... or if you are looking for something not listed... we have lots that's not listed and access to lots more!  

John & Jazzy